• Healthy Screen Time Habits
    The use of screens has become an integral part of children’s lives and the screen time of many kids has significantly increased since the COVID-19 pandemic first began. How does this impact your child? Read more
  • Safe Swimming and Drowning Prevention
    The pool is a great place to cool down on hot summer days, but swimming can be dangerous without the proper precautions. Make sure your family is ready for swimming pool safety before jumping in this summer! Read more
  • Fun in the Sun
    Whether out on the beach or in your backyard, sun protection should be an important part of your daily routine. Read here to review the AAP's recommendations regarding sun protection with us! Read more
  • Gun Safety at Home
    June is National Gun Violence Awareness Month! If you have a firearm, do you know if it is being stored safely? Read here to review the AAP recommendations on gun safety at home to help lower the risk for danger to your child! Read more
  • Why does my child need a well check?
    From infancy until adulthood, we see our patients for well child visits on the AAP’s recommended schedule. We use these visits to keep up with managing your child’s health. Regardless of your child’s past medical history, these visits are an important part of our patients’ routine health maintenance. Read here for more information. Read more
  • Talking about Mental Health With Your Child
    May is Mental Health Awareness Month! This month brings awareness regarding mental health concerns and is a good time to check in with your child’s mental wellness. Here, we briefly review opening up conversations about mental health and signs to watch for from your child. Read more
  • Safe Sleep for Babies
    At each well visit for infants, our providers discuss safe sleeping for your child. This is done to help lower the risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). There are several factors that can affect your child’s risk; in this article we review the updated 2022 guidelines from the AAP to reduce SIDS risk with safe sleeping habits. Read more
  • Healthy Hydration
    Do you drink enough water every day? How about your child? How much is enough water? There are so many questions surrounding this topic, and it can be hard to know if you or your child is adequately hydrated. Read our post here about healthy hydration for infants, kids, and teens. Read more
  • Play Everyday to Stay Active
    How does your family stay active? Do you play sports, exercise together, or play outside? Physical activity is an important part of everyone’s health. Making exercise fun is the best way to encourage an active lifestyle in children that lasts. Read more
  • How much sleep should your child get?
    A good night’s sleep starts with a healthy bedtime routine. Having a consistent nightly schedule can help bedtime be less stressful and more structured. Use the three B’s to wind down at night: Brush, Book, & Bed. Read more to learn about how many hours of sleep your child needs based on their age. Read more
  • Dressing Your Child for the Winter
    When it’s cold outside, some families prefer to stay indoors. Even in the winter, it’s important to go outside to play every day! The snow can be fun for adventures and winter activities like sledding, but how do we keep our kids warm when the temperature drops? The answer: layers! Read more
  • American Heart Month - February 2023
    Heart disease is not specific to adults, it can affect the pediatric population as well. Here at Union Mill Pediatrics, we monitor our patients by checking blood pressures, performing physical exams, and assessing risks for heart problems. Lifestyle factors, such as nutrition and exercise, play an important part in protecting your heart. Read more
  • Tobacco Use in Teens
    Teenage tobacco use remains a serious topic among health care providers. Smoking tobacco products (including vaping), or being exposed to second-hand smoke can have negative effects on your child's health. Let's review some of the dangers of smoke exposure. Read more
  • Oral Health: Brushing and Beyond
    Wondering how to best take care of your child's teeth? Join us as we review the AAP guidelines on managing your child's oral health care, starting at infancy. Read more
  • Colds and Antibiotics: when does my child need them?
    When your child is sick, we strive to provide the best care to help them feel better. Sometimes antibiotics are helpful, but often they do not treat the source of the cold. Review this helpful Healthy Children article that answers common questions about antibiotic use for children with cold symptoms. Read more

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