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Policy Information

Well Visit Policy

All children must have an up to date physical (well visit) for their age before any refills, booster vaccines or form completions can be provided.  Further, the Affordable Care Act requires that a patient's annual physical be up to date or the physician is not in compliance with the law.  It is our policy to require a well visit (physical) with any recommended vaccines for every child every year. 

Copayment or No Copayment?

Even if a physical or preventative test is fully paid by insurance, you may STILL have a copayment/coinsurance/deductible for the visit. SEE EXPLANATION BELOW.

You child’s Well Visit (Annual Physical), which includes a routine physical examination, routine labs, routine vision and/or hearing and routine immunizations normally does NOT require a copayment. 

HOWEVER, if you discuss concerns or symptoms for acute or chronic conditions or a problem-oriented condition is discovered during the well check, it is considered “diagnostic” and you will most likely be required to pay a copayment/coinsurance/deductible if applicable. 


- An appointment is scheduled for a Well Check (Annual Physical).

 - During the physical, you express concern(s) and are treated for an unrelated problem(s): symptoms of acute illness (cold, cough, ear pain rash, etc.), concerns about an uncontrolled chronic condition (ADHD, skin problems, weight issues, etc) or requesting changes to medications. 

 - In compliance with insurance company billing policies this prompts charges for both categories which requires a copay or coinsurance/deductible, should you have one.


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