ADHD Diagnostic Information

Dear Parents, 

One of the services we offer at our office is the comprehensive evaluation of your child for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). There are several components for parents and school teachers to fill out that allows for an accurate and thorough diagnosis. Please call our office for more information and come to pick up the ready-made packet that we can provide you to fill out and give to the child’s teachers.

There is a $15 charge for children and $25 teenagers to cover the cost of these forms.

Parents filling out the Vanderbilt (hard copy) and Conners (online) forms: please try to work together to complete them, if this is not possible please indicate which parent is filling out the form. 

Teachers must complete the 3 components: Vanderbilt (hard copy) + Connors (online) + Narratives. Elementary school students require the 3 components from 2 teachers and Middle/High School students require them from 4 teachers.

At least HALF of the teachers should teach core subjects (math, english, history, science)

Additionally, we will require a recent report card, itemized grades for those in middle/high school, a copy of the CogAt scores, and a copy of an IEP(if applicable). 

Your child's ADHD Consultative appointment can only be scheduled AFTER we have the completed packet in our office. Please give the completed Parent Vanderbilt form in a sealed envelope to the homeroom teacher (elementary) or counselor (middle/high) and have the school mail us the completed packet with relevant components. 

Your first appointment will usually only require the parents to be present. Please try not to bring siblings along in order to focus as efficiently as possible. Keep in mind the first 10-20 minutes of your appointment is for the provider to review documentation.

ADHD Packet Checklist Letters:

Elementary ADHD Packet Letter

Middle/High ADHD Packet Letter


Teacher Follow-Up Vanderbilt

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