• Safe Breast Milk Storage
    If you or your partner are pumping and storing breast milk for your infant, the guidelines around safe use of pumped milk can be confusing at times. Read here to review instructions on breastmilk storage from the CDC and AAP! Read more
  • Seasonal Allergies
    Spring time is here, and so are seasonal allergies for many children. For more information on seasonal allergies, check out our post here, or learn more on healthychildren.org! Read more
  • Getting involved in sports!
    The approaching spring season is a great time to get your child outside to exercise. Joining sports programs or teams can be one fun and exciting way to stay active. Let’s discuss appropriate sports for your child’s age! Read more
  • Is your teenager getting enough sleep?
    Adequate sleep can help boost school performance, mood, and overall health. Unfortunately, many children, especially teenagers, do not sleep enough on the average school night. Read here to learn more about sleep among teenagers! Read more
  • Bullying
    Many children experience bullying in various ways. We do not always know if our child is involved in or experiencing bullying, but it is an important topic to discuss with your child. Here is a quick review of the AAP’s recommendations regarding bullying. Check out www.stopbullying.gov for more information. Read more
  • Fussy Infants
    Let's review some of the reasons infants may cry and how parents can respond! Read more
  • Happy New Year!
    Let’s start off the New Year with some healthy resolutions for you and your family! What are you proud of from 2023, and what are some of your goals in 2024? Read more
  • Teenage Drivers
    As the weather gets colder, the roads can be increasingly dangerous. Be sure to review rules of the road with your teens and discuss how to stay safe behind the wheel, regardless if your teenager just got their license, or has been driving for over a year. Read more
  • Happy Thanksgiving!
    With the upcoming holiday, here are some tips to keep your Thanksgiving a safe and family-friendly event! Read more
  • First Cell Phone Readiness
    A child’s first cell phone can be a significant milestone as they get older, but how do you know when to give them one? There is not a set time or date, but a child’s readiness for a cell phone may change based on several factors! Read more
  • Halloween Safety Tips!
    Keep the safety scares out of this Halloween! Use these tips from the AAP to keep this holiday as safe for your children! Read more
  • Car Seat Safety
    Choosing a car seat can be a difficult endeavor for many parents. How do you know how to install it or which way it should be facing? Here, we will review important car seat safety information from the AAP’s car seat guidelines! Read more
  • Flu Vaccines Now Available!
    It’s that time of year again! Flu season is upon us, and flu shots are available in our office, as well as in many other locations. Annual vaccines are recommended to lower risk of complications with this potentially serious infection. Read here as we review the AAP’s vaccine guidance for the 2023-2024 flu season. Read more
  • Problems with Picky Eating?
    If your child is a picky eater, meal times can be frustrating endeavors. Of course you want to provide your child with a healthy balanced diet, but what is the best way to combat the pickiness? Check out some of the AAP's tips and recommendations here! Read more
  • Back-to-School!
    Are you and your children prepared for the start of the new school year? This time can be exciting, but also brings a level of anxiety for some children and teenagers. Early preparation and scheduling can ease some of the anxiety surrounding the changes that occur at the start of the school year. Read more
  • Is your child ready to start school?
    The start of school is around the corner, and many 5 year-olds are preparing to enter school for the first time! This can be very exciting, but can also have parents questioning if their child is ready for school. Read here as we review some of Virginia and the AAP's guidelines for entering kindergarten! Read more

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